Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Week 1 Challenge

This pic was taken at the ice sculpture festival in Brugge 2005 of the Ice Palace, which is exactly that. A fullsize structure made only of snow and ice. Beautiful but soooooo cold!!
Fairytale / fantasy / or childrens book title theme - 10 points ONCE UPON A TIME
April Fools element - something not as it seems or hidden etc - 5 points THE CASTLE IS MADE OF ICE
To celebrate Wrigleys company starting on 1st April 1891 - use wavy lines on your layout - 5 points WAVY EDGE TO THE BLUE PAPER
Spring colours (do not have to be pastel) - 5 points BLUE/ GREEN AND WHITE
Use a clock or time on your layout - 5 points BOTH

1 comment:

tee said...

I bet this was so awesome to see in person! I love this layout!
Also wanted to let you know I have once again tagged you...if you wanna play along please click on my blog to see what to do! :)