Thursday, 1 January 2009

December 08 Week 5 challenge

Did 2 this week as the challenge was a quiz and I was tied on two categories.
I picked Option E first which was I DON’T FALL INTO ANY PARTICULAR CATEGORY
Your challenge is to:
- Make a layout using neutral colours 10 pts
- Scrap picture(s) which represents day to day life rather than a special occasion 10 pts
- Incorporate stickers, rub-ons or cut an embellishment from patterned paper or card 5 pts
- Use at least one of the techniques featured in question 5 5 pts

But then I also did MOSTLY "D"s
Your challenge is to go back to basics:
- Make a layout using just plain card stocks and just one patterned paper 10 pts
- The theme of your layout should be PEACE 10 pts
- To include a lot of journaling on your layout 5 pts
- Make yourself use a colour scheme that you don’t normally use 5 pts

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