Thursday, 30 July 2009

Among my Souvenirs

This was bought at a K9 Crusaders jumble sale as a deep picture frame that you could decorate. I had hung onto it for ages, not liking the design that came with it but not sure what to do with it instead.

However, I emptied some of my small seed beads from their pots into larger containers and then had this idea. Each small pot will now correspond to a country visited and I will take them with me and fill it with whatever I think epitomises that country.

I have already done Tunisia from 2006 as I had loads of Sahara sand that we brought back in a jar. And Egypt I used a photograph along with some shavings off a rock that we brought back from the Valley of the Kings, and I know I pressed a reed from the Nile in a book somewhere too.


Sarah C said...

What a fantastic idea. Love how it looks xxx

tee said...

Wendy I totally love this idea how clever of you!!!
This is really awesome!