Friday, 4 September 2009

Learn Something New Every Day - 1st & 2nd September

I decided this year to join the new Shimelle class, thanks to Tee for letting me know it was running. Throghout the month you have to keep a journal or make a book detailing what you have learned each day.

Cover design;

This is my first page for 1st September.
Today I learned that people don't have to live nearby to be close friends, like Alison on UKS.

On the 2nd I learnt that electricity has a mind of it's own and trying to diagnose problems with the circuits is possibly best left to those with either the right equipment or certainly more patience than me!!!


tee said...

great layouts Wendy! Think over this past year I havev learnt that same lesson..good friends can be anywhere..near of far <3 xT

Sarah C said...

This is just awesome. Love how you're doing this. Your lessons are fantastic too :D xx