Friday, 4 September 2009

Learn Something New Every Day - 4th Sept

Today I learned rather painfully that hanging a gate while wearing sandals isn't a good idea. Neither is not watching where the gate is in relation to your exposed toes as it drops back onto the hangers and creates a toe sandwich.
At least nothing was broken so no harm really. I shall be more careful next time that's for sure!!

Learn Something New Every Day - 3rd Sept

3rd September

From climbing up on the roof to reseal the conservatory, as it was leaking again in the downpour we had, I discovered just how much clean-up of hands can be avoided with simply using a pair of disposable latex gloves. Didn't even need to wash my hands afterwards. So much better than I have done before :D

Learn Something New Every Day - 1st & 2nd September

I decided this year to join the new Shimelle class, thanks to Tee for letting me know it was running. Throghout the month you have to keep a journal or make a book detailing what you have learned each day.

Cover design;

This is my first page for 1st September.
Today I learned that people don't have to live nearby to be close friends, like Alison on UKS.

On the 2nd I learnt that electricity has a mind of it's own and trying to diagnose problems with the circuits is possibly best left to those with either the right equipment or certainly more patience than me!!!