Saturday, 12 September 2009

Learn Something New Every Day - 8th to 11th Sept

8th September

Had a terrible time in Tescos listening to loud screaming from all the little kids in the place, Just one of those days when shopping is even more hideous than normal.

9th September

My poor DeeDee lost her battle against the tumour as the vet said that it had spread to her lungs and there was no hope for her.

10th September

Just moved and my back went into spasms trapping my sciatic nerve. The moral is that these things happen without warning so nothing you can do about it.

11th September

Met up with Jane and Richard to show her some sights while she's down and it made me realise how little I go and see of my own county. We had a great time and it was so brill to see her again.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Learn Something New Every Day - 5th to 7th Sept

5th September

This was the points when I realised that I really love these books but if I carry on reading them at this rate (one every couple of days) I soon won't have any left until another one comes out. Boo hoo!!

6th September

Chris treated me to a McFlurry and they just have the new Aero ones in so I thought I'd try the mint one. Our local branch not being staffed by rocket scientists then had a protracted conversation about whether 'someone' went to Penzance to collect the mint sauce and eventually told us there was none. I opted for the choc one instead, and when we pulled out and I tasted was mint. Go figure :D

7th September

I've been feeling more down since coming back from holiday and finding leaking roof, intermittent electrical fault and a bathroom which should be gutted at the end of the week. It's so nice to know that I have friends who will be there to help when I need a moan, a hug or simply someone there for me.